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Getting Bored in a Relationship

From Opie I have to admit that this was one of my bigger fears during my first few years of marriage. I worried that Anthony would one day wake up and say, “Hey – I’m bored. I need something new. I need someone new.” So I lived in a state of slight panic, always trying to one-up...

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Opie & Anthony

We are a madly in love couple who want to share our relationship experiences and wisdom with the world in the hope that it will reduce the divorce rate and keep marriage alive.

From Opie

Anthony and I met in a coffee shop off Broadway right around the time that I’d lost my job at a law firm. I was working at least 60 hours a week and the stress was building so much that I had no time for my previous boyfriend and we subsequently broke up. A year later I lost my job at the firm after one of the main partners in the firm made a snide remark that made me lose it and begin screaming at him in an extremely angry manner. I’d had enough of that life and while they were telling me that I had to leave, I was telling that that “I QUIT!”

Anthony walked over and approached me at the Europa cafe on Broadway https://www.europacafe.com/ He said hello and mentioned that I looked stressed out. Boy was he right. It was a very low point in my life and he just walked in like my knight and shining armor. We’ve been married 6 years now and I believe that we have a lot of great advice to offer married couples.

From Anthony

Approaching Opie was something that came natural to me. I had spent the last year of my life learning about confidence, conversation and approaching women because it used to be a nerve-wracking thing for me and had held me back from approaching and meeting other women. When I approached Opie, everything just clicked into place and we hit it off. I know in my heart of hearts that if I had met her a year before that I wouldn’t have made the right impression on her because I would have been too nervous and tongue-tied since she is so beautiful and intelligent.

I am honored and truly happy to be spending my life with Opie. I’m proud of her for getting a new job, not as a lawyer, but as a sports store manager. It doesn’t bring in the dollars like her legal income did, but it makes her so happy. She’s always loved sports and we love to run together on weekends and play catch or a bit of play football with friends at a park. I hope that through this blog, we will be able to help other couples stay in love like we have. There are many temptations out there these days and to stick together in a relationship I think you have to do things like they did in the old days, which means being a bit more traditional about the roles while also be respectful of each others opinions, freedoms, rights and intelligence.

Sites that we recommend

For men (Anthony learnt from this site): www.themodernman.com
For women (Opie spent many evenings browsing this site on her iPad and reading up about men, love and relationships): www.glamour.com
About marriage: www.drphil.com

We are excited to share our knowledge of love, relationships and marriage with you.

Opie and Anthony